Published: 27/11/2023
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Mouth Cancer, more often referred to as Oral Cancer, is an anomalous growth of malignant cells in any part of the mouth, be it tongue surface, inner cheeks surface, palate, gums or lips. Though the origin of the disease remains a mystery, certain modifiable behaviours like tobacco and alcohol consumption may turn out to be the risk factors. The other prominent contributing factors may include lack of oral hygiene, malnutrition, certain chronic infections, exposure to radiation and misfit dentures. Generally, a physician will conduct a series of physical oral exams biopsies and imaging to determine the medical condition and its severity.

GoMedii has the collaboration with the hospitals that offer a range of treatment modalities, including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, chemo-radiotherapy and biological therapy. A combination of two or more modalities is also used for better patient outcomes.
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