Published: 06/04/2024
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Amongst other, KB ENGINEERING CO., LTD consists of many services as followings:

  1. Soil Investigation– Drilling and soil sampling to the lab for gradation, density, moisture content, plastic limits, liquid limits, unconfined compression test, rock quality (QR<<0)
  2. Bored piles– is also our job to provide safety to the people.
  3. Ground water investigation– Our Company is also using the modern water detectors to estimate the depth of ground water deposit.
  4. Ground water wells– Besides ground water investigation, KB drill the ground water wells too.
  5. Land surveys– Every construction needs land survey, KB serves the clients in this operation.
  6. Echo sounding surveys– Not only land survey but also KB can do echo sounding survey which means the survey surface of the bottom of the river or lake.



Prosenchey, Phnom Penh


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